Thursday, January 5, 2012

This is what happens when the hubs is working.....

So, the hubs got the pleasure of working a 48 hour shift this week....booooooo

So, this about sums up what I've been doing....I tell y'all, I'm full of excitement

3 loads of laundry

took a stab at homemade cheeseburger helper

I decided that I should be a sweet wife and get rid of the tasty and tempting A&W rootbeer that was in the fridge from our lazy New Years Day...the hubs is back on the healthy train :)  Go Hubs!

I watched lots of this

And let me just say...Mr. Stefan is being quite the punk....I have always been team Stefan, but he is really taking this too far, and Damon is starting to win me over.  I've always liked them both, but Elena is supposed to be with Stefan, but I must say I loved it tonight when Damon did this....

And in between catching up on my TVD DVR's, I happened upon an episode of Fox's "Mobbed"  I haven't seen any of the other episodes, but last nights insanely sweet, and totally risky plan, had me on the edge of my seat...holy cow boys and girls!!!

And tonight has consisted of self portraits of my superb style...via instagram

Why yes, that is a UK snuggie, I have two, don't be jealous...And the second is my obvious knack for fashion, that would be brown leggings, a lavender tank, with some UK

Oh, and lastly, how cool is of my BFF's wore her Chrismas Present to work yesterday...Showin' off some Babygirl Brown Originals!!!!

Sorry, for the poor picture quality...I was just so excited to see my stuff being worn!  Collegiate bracelets and earrings coming soon! 

So, the moral of this story is, I'm very ready for my sweetie to come home.  I'm used to 24 hours, but this 48 stuff is for the birds...and I gotta do it again next week :(


  1. Great blog dear,its so inspiring!
    I'm a follower now.Hope u can take time to share some love by following me back,xoxox..

  2. Got to love hamburger helper and some A&W! :) So glad I stumbled upon your FUN blog tonight!

    Liesl :)

  3. yum that hamburger helper looks great! and drinking the root beer way to sacrifice for your husband i'm sure he appreciated it ;-)

  4. I love this!!! and your blog!!