Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Y'all, I'm making jewlery tonight...and it's probably gonna be UK Blue!

Friends...I'm back! 

So sorry for the abandonment, but I've been a very busy girl, and last week, my body turned on me, and decided not only would I be busy, but I'd be sicker than a dog...for FIVE days...ugh

But I am all better now, back at work, and feeling like I've got energy again, so tonight, I shall be making some jewelry!

Ever since I made the bracelet below for one of my Bestie's in my wedding, I've been dying to make one for myself for tournament time!  Welp, considering UK plays on Thursday, I best be getting my "bitty", (thank you Kentucky Priss for the new, in gear!

if anyone is interested in purchasing one of these foyo self, please let me know!
Of course, I'll be making the earrings to match, and it may be with different blue beads, cause I'm here to tell ya, I've been on a mission for beautiful blue beads lately, and friends, my efforts did not disappoint!  I've got KY blue beads out the wazoo, that hardest part is going to be trying to decide which one I want!

So, if I'm feeling especially energized tonight, I may just make a couple sets, and actually start my jewlery shop/hobby!

Hope everyone is having a great and blessed day!

Looking for #8 in 2012!!!


  1. Yay your back!!!1 whoop whoop! Not cheering on the cats... I bleed red! and the braclet is adorable I love it!

    1. Oh thanks! I do have lots of other colors if your ever interested in one with red!

  2. Haha "the bitty" I cannot take credit for that ! That was all autocorrect, sister! Haha. Your bracelets are so pretty and they look like I depict that I would want to talk with my hands a lot wearing this!! :) can't wait to get my hands on one of these!!!! Xoxo